Monday, July 21, 2008

Maps and Diagrams

Maps and Diagrams - F.J. Monkhouse and H.R. Wilkinson
University Paperbacks / Methuen & Co
Cover designer not credited

Gravity's Rainbow

Gravity's Rainbow - Thomas Pynchon - 1973
Cover painting by John Holmes

Exile and the Kingdom

Exile and the Kingdom - Albert Camus - 1958
Cover designer not credited

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Untitled Epic Poem on the History of Industrialization

Untitled Epic Poem on the History of Industrialization - R Buckminster Fuller - 1962
Simon and Schuster
Cover design by Fred Toller

The Buckminster Fuller Reader

The Buckminster Fuller Reader - Edited by James Meller - 1972
Cover design by Alan Spain

Conjunctions and Disjunctions

Conjunctions and Disjunctions - Octavio Paz - 1974
A Richard Seaver Book / The Viking Press
Cover designer not credited

Los Angeles

Los Angeles - Reyner Banham - 1976
The cover shows 'A Bigger Splash' by David Hockney. Cover design by Gerald Cinamon

Trouble with Lichen

Trouble with Lichen - John Wyndham - 1965
Cover design by John Griffiths

A Star Called the Sun

A Star Called the Sun - George Gamow - 1967
The cover shows eruptive and quiescent prominences on the sun (photo V-Dia-Verlag, Heidelberg)

Art and its Objects

Art and its Objects - Richard Wollheim - 1970
Cover design by John Golding


Geology - A.J.Smith - 1974
Cover designer not credited