Friday, August 07, 2009


Superstudio - Peter Lang and William Menking - 2003


Design by Stefano Tosi. Cover shows "The Continuous Monument, New York"

Linear Equations

Linear Equations - Edited by W. Lederman - 1967

Routledge and Kegan Paul

Cover designer not credited

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking - Editor F.E. Emery - 1972

Cover Designed by Omnific/Martin Causer

Facts from Figures

Facts from Figures - M.J. Moroney - 1971

Cover Designed by Mike Pope (photograph by Peter Williams)

Carl Friedrich Gauss

Carl Friedrich Gauss - Tord Hall - 1970

MIT Press
Cover Designed by Bernie LaCasse

Basic Electricity

Basic Electricity - W.M. Gibson - 1969

Cover Designed by Cummings Lock and Peterson

Organophosphorus Chemistry

Organophosphorus Chemistry - B.J. Walker - 1972

Cover designed by Lock/Pettersen Ltd

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Field Guide to Hyperbolic Space

A Field Guide to Hyperbolic Space - Margaret Wertheim - 2007
The Institute for Figuring
Cover designer not credited

Order and Chaos

Order and Chaos - Stanley W Angrist and Loren G Hepler - 1973
Cover designer not credited

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy - H Igor Ansoff - 1968
Cover design by Don Mason

Knowledge and Belief

Knowledge and Belief - A. Philips Griffiths - 1976
Oxford University Press
Cover designer not credited

Public Enterprise

Public Enterprise - R Turvey - 1971
Cover design by B. E. Rockett

A UK Geographic Information System

A UK Geographic Information System - J.A.T. Young - 1986
The Remote Sensing Society
Cover designer not credited

Shell Nature Lovers' Atlas

Shell Nature Lovers' Guide - James Fisher - 1966
Edbury Press and Michael Joseph
Design by George Rainbird Limited

Das Buch der Expo

Das Buch der Expo - Hallwag Bern and Payot Lausanne - 1964

Cover designer not credited

An Introduciton to Matrices

An Introduction to Matrices - A.E. Coulson - 1967
Cover designer not credited

An Introduction to Vectors

An Introduction to Vectors - A.E. Coulson - 1968
Cover designer not credited

Vibrations and Waves

Vibrations and Waves - Norman Feather - 1964
Cover Photograph by the National Physical Laboratory

Politics in the USA

Politics in the USA - M.J.C. Vile - 1973
Cover design by Diagram