Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Psychology of Learning Mathematics

The Psychology of Learning Mathematics - Richard Skemp - 1979

Cover design by Patrick McCreeth

Art as Experience

Art as Experience - John Dewey - 1979
Paragon Books
Cover design by Robert Sullivan

Asymmetric Typography

Asymmetric Typography - Jan Tschichold - 1967
Faber and Faber
Design by Jan Tschichold

Kielder Water and Islands

Kielder Water and Islands - Layla Curtis - 2008
Kielder Water and Forest Park
Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio

The Underachieving School

The Underachieving School - John Holt -
Cover design by Germano Facetti

Radical School Reform

Radical School Reform - Ronald and Beatrice Gross - 1972

Cover design by Germano Facetti


Surfaces - H.B.Griffiths - 1976

Cambridge University Press
Cover designer not credited

The Forms of Colour

The Forms of Colour - Karl Gerstner - 1986
MIT Press

Cover shows "Colour Form Continuum Green Conversion,in Blue" by Karl Gertsner.

Microcomputers and Mathematics

Microcomputers and Mathematics - J.W.Bruce, P.J.Giblin, P.J. Rippon - 1990

Cambridge University Press
Cover Design by Ken Vail